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Understanding Dark Fiber: 4 Advantages of Switching to the Dark Side

Many businesses are turning to a dark fiber network as a way to save money while bandwidth, latency, and financial demands escalate.

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Building the Texas of Tomorrow: Q&A with Ron Kormos

Interview of Ron Kormos by the Waco Chamber of Commerce, “Building the Texas of Tomorrow – A Greater Waco Chamber Infrastructure Summit.”


Truly Diverse Business Internet: An Unfair Advantage

True redundancy requires research, engineering expertise, and intentional design. It requires the contracting of a network engineer who has access to traffic-flow routing information and the ability to concept alternate options.


New Survey by FiberLight Shows that 88% of IT and Corporate Executives Are Still Investing in High-Bandwidth Network Services Despite Economic Uncertainty

FiberLight is well positioned to serve today’s market and those customers who want reliable connectivity to their own data center, robust access to multiple Cloud Service Providers, or highly-secure, private network connectivity.


How FiberLight Prepares for Severe Weather to Ensure Uptime

At FiberLight, the most important question we ask well ahead of any major storm event is, “Are we prepared?”