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The FiberLight Difference

For 20-plus years, FiberLight has been building the backbone of the internet. We’re focused on designing, building and operating business-grade fiber networks from Texas to Florida and north on up to DC. FiberLight reaches remote rural areas and major metros, ensuring that our customers have a future-proof network to meet the demands of today’s massive bandwidth requirements. With its strong corporate backing, FiberLight is in a great position to grow its network, connecting more customers to its business-class fiber networks.


Local Provider

With a construction background, FiberLight has the experience, know-how, and expertise to design, build, execute, and maintain complex fiber networks.

Empowering Today’s Business Networks

Exceptional up-time for business continuity, seamless integration and interaction. We’re ready when you are.

Business-Class Services

Provider of diverse, high-capacity network infrastructure to meet your network needs. Adaptable and flexible. Custom-built fiber solutions.

Network Infrastructure


  • High-count fiber routes
  • Up to 1728 count strands in key metros
  • Connected to 180+ data centers
  • 19,000+ route miles of fiber


  • Network diverse from ILEC and MSO routes
  • Ability to construct direct, custom-built paths
  • Diverse entrances into buildings


  • Network far reaching into rural areas
  • Alternative paths and conduit from other carriers
  • Customizable Network Solutions

Your Partner for Business Fiber Internet

When your business needs speed, reliability, and scalability–not to mention friendly people who are easy to reach–give FiberLight a chance to shine.

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My favorite part about working with our customers is the collaboration we do on a daily basis to solve for their complex business needs. I love knowing that our fiber and other connectivity services are fueling innovation—from machine-learning/AI to mission-critical government applications and cloud services.

Charlotte Lomax

FiberLight, Sales Director