Referral Program

Introductions that give back

How Does It Work?

Do you know an organization that could benefit from high-speed lit or dark fiber services for cloud and enterprise connectivity?

Make a Referral

Stay alert! High-speed services are needed everywhere.

Receive a Payout

Our win is your win. And vice versa. Take a bow and pick up your check!

Repeat the Process

The harvest is plenty, folks. Spread the word and gather the green.

It Pays to Refer

At FiberLight we appreciate our customers. We recognize that they’re our partners and our advocates.

Our goal is to help more businesses get the results they need to grow, and referrals are one of the best ways for us to achieve that.

We want to reach people who can truly benefit from what we have to offer. As our way of saying thanks, we are offering a one-time referral payment for every new customer you send our way.

Referral FAQs

What are the General Rules?

  • Any lead resulting in a FiberLight sale will award the referral provider the equivalent of one month’s monthly recurring revenue.
  • Applicable services are Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, Wavelengths, and Dark Fiber.
  • Customers must register the referral on the FiberLight Referral form below.
  • If a referral results in a FiberLight sale, cash payments will require the referral provider to submit a Form W-9.

Who is eligible to participate?

With the exception of FiberLight employees and Channel Partner program agents (both are excluded), anyone is eligible to participate.

What is considered an eligible referral?

Any referral that is not currently involved in a FiberLight sales process or been involved in a sales cycle in the previous six-month period. Referral must be new customer for FiberLight.

What are the award limitations?

One Monthly Recurring Payout per opportunity. When your referral goes the distance–from initial meeting to a signed proposal and implementation of our lightning fast business fiber optics–you receive one month’s monthly recurring revenue.

When are payments for installations processed?

After Service Delivery Notification (SDN) is delivered to the customer, FiberLight will email the Lead Referrer a qualification for payment award. At this time, the Lead Referrer must submit a Form W-9 to FiberLight to receive payment.

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