Wavelength Services

Business network services for swift, secure, and expandable private connections.

Wavelength Services from FiberLight

Optimize Data Transport for Business Networks

FiberLight delivers business-class Wavelength services over FiberLight’s regional fiber optic networks serving Texas, Northern VA area, Atlanta metro, and Central Florida. Wavelengths are dedicated solutions for businesses with latency-sensitive, data-intensive applications. Ideal for organizations managing large data transfers between data centers and intricate IT applications, our private fiber connections ensure swift, reliable, and secure data transport.

These versatile services operate at varying speeds, providing cost-effective solutions across metro and long-haul networks. Trust in FiberLight for committed, private point-to-point network services, securing a scalable foundation for evolving connectivity needs.

We are always working with new clients who will require additional network connections into the Carrier-1 facility. FiberLight is at the top of our list to either resell their services or recommend for direct services.

Trey Berndt

Executive Vice President, Carrier-1 Data Centers