City of Roswell Leverages Dark Fiber for Increased Citizen Engagement and Digital Government Initiatives

A Robust, Resilient Network Paves the Way for Future Growth

With expanded infrastructure delivering high-capacity connectivity to a secure and scalable data center environment, the City of Roswell could quickly enjoy the always-on environment it needed to support its citizens and the services they depend on. This dark fiber network solution, deployed on a short timeline, enabled the city to leverage greater control, provision more reliable services for the community and support future expansion with added agility and security.


To support residents’ next-generation capabilities and provide heightened network performance, bandwidth, speed, redundancy and security, Roswell once again chose FiberLight to design and deploy an additional dark fiber ring. Having served as a dark fiber provider for elements of the community’s network since 2006, the city turned to FiberLight due to the company’s familiarity with the area’s network, history of ongoing support and close partnership, and ability to provide the ideal network solution with its presence in an adjacent data center.

Operational autonomy, efficiency and control

Solutions: Dark Fiber

  • Partnership with Serene IT
  • Future-proof scalability and security
  • Expanded infrastructure
  • High-capacity connectivity
400GB Connection
900 Acres of Parkland
95K Residents

We know that dealing with fiber and putting together a circuit takes time and planning, and we were really appreciative of FiberLight understanding our urgency on this need, valuing us as a customer and taking the time to really work with us and make it happen.

Maurice Pryce

IT Director For The City Of Roswell