Fiber Optic Services

Delivering Secure, Scalable, Reliable and Flexible High Performance Networks

Sound like the same jargon your current provider is using? Let us explain how, at FiberLight, security, scalability, reliability and flexibility aren't just lingo - they're our legacy.

FiberLight is a long-standing leader in providing fiber optic solutions that allow our customers to leverage our high-capacity metropolitan networks for their data storage and transport needs. We also offer customized solutions that combine our services to deliver the best possible fiber optic experience. Other providers may claim to do this, but fall short when it comes to delivering what they promise. And even those that will quote you a custom solution won't allow you to change their plan or the terms of the deal. We sell what we offer, and we work with you to build a deal that makes sense for you.

FiberLight has installed and owns over 1,300,000 miles of fiber optic network in 44 cities and towns in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Virginia and Washington D.C. You need connectivity done right and on time?  We get it.  And we deliver.

We Build it. We Own It. You Put It to Work.

Click on the links below to learn more about FiberLight's exclusive lit and dark service offerings.

  • Ethernet Services - Ethernet LAN Service, Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPN) and Ethernet Access Services are available to connect your locations over local and long-haul networks.

  • SONET (DC, MD, NoVA) - SONET Private Line Service, Dedicated SONET Ring Service and Custom Lateral and Campus Construction

  • Dark Fiber - Whether you're looking to purchase or lease network, our 500,000-mile high density network can be leveraged to meet your current and future organizational goals - including short- and long-term budget constraints

Want a little of everything? We design Custom Network Solutions just for you!

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Features & Benefits of FBL's lit and dark services

  • Low and ultra-low latency transport over dedicated networks

  • Best in class availability supported by a rich set of protection options, highest availability including up to 100% uptime SLA

  • Responsive and well-rounded customer service from quote to invoice to maintenance services. We're where you want us, when you need us

  • Custom network configurations are collaboratively engineered so that you enjoy the best of both worlds - carrier class lit services over best in class fiber infrastructure

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