Measuring the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Ethernet Services

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

In today’s dynamic landscape of digital transformation, success hinges on the seamless flow of data across your Wide Area Network (WAN) and the creation of an adaptable network that’s built to accommodate tomorrow’s exponential data surge. Whether you operate a small or medium-sized organization or a sprawling enterprise spanning multiple locations, securing a transport provider with a robust network, responsive customer service, and minimal latency is imperative for operational excellence.

Business Ethernet services are the cornerstone of network infrastructure for its delivery of dependable, high-speed, and secure connectivity necessary to sustain critical operations and foster expansion. These services are ideal for transporting vast data sets, managing high-bandwidth applications, and providing a framework for business operations. For organizations looking to invest in Ethernet services, a thorough examination of the total cost of ownership (TCO) ensures informed decision-making that aligns with long-term objectives.


When considering TCO of business Ethernet services, security tops the list as a priority. In contrast to purchasing internet connectivity across multiple locations, Ethernet services offer a private networking solution that significantly reduces security exposure. By operating behind firewalls, Ethernet connectivity minimizes vulnerability to malicious actors and nefarious events and delivers a higher level of security for business interactions. While implementing Ethernet services does not eliminate all vulnerabilities, it does provide a foundational layer of protection that simplifies security support while reducing the need for additional investments in security technology and talent. This translates to cost savings in both resources and potential risks associated with security breaches. Consequently, businesses may realize efficiencies, savings, and even revenue maintenance by leveraging the secure and efficient connectivity offered by Ethernet services.


Ethernet services also offer the distinct advantage of simplicity when compared to purchasing internet from cable operators or local exchange carriers as they seamlessly integrate with a wide range of customer equipment and infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional front-end security technologies. By plugging directly into the local area network on both ends, Ethernet services streamline the networking process, resulting in significant equipment and technology savings for your business. This straightforward connectivity approach simplifies network management and enhances operational efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities without the complexity often associated with alternative providers.


When evaluating TCO, organizations must also consider the superior performance and low latency capabilities of Ethernet services. Ethernet services provide swift data transmission and seamless communication, leading to increased operational efficiency and productivity and an enhanced end-user experience. This positions Ethernet services as the preferred choice for businesses aiming for cost-effective yet high-performing networking solutions.

With these advantages in mind, let’s explore some business use cases for Ethernet services.

Business Use Cases for Ethernet Services

Energy and Gas

Energy and gas companies play a critical role in our nation’s infrastructure, making its security a paramount concern. With Ethernet services, these companies can minimize exposure to potential cyber threats by keeping network activity confined within a secure environment, thus reducing the risk of service disruptions or malicious attacks. By utilizing Ethernet-based service delivery, all network traffic along the pipeline route remains contained, enhancing overall security measures. In the event of an outage, such as a pipeline disruption, the repercussions can be significant, leading to production losses which could amount to millions of dollars lost per day. When factoring in the potentially hazardous nature of the materials involved, safety concerns, and legal liability, implementing robust and secure networking solutions delivers significant cost-saving benefits within the energy and gas sector.

Manufacturing & Financial Services

For manufacturers, maintaining a secure and reliable network infrastructure is essential to ensuring uninterrupted production processes. Increased exposure to networking between manufacturing sites heightens vulnerability, which could lead to costly disruptions in operations. Consider the impact of a manufacturing facility that’s suddenly unable to produce goods, resulting in revenue loss and financial repercussions. Similarly, within the financial services industry, reliance on broadband or wireless services as part of a SD-WAN architecture poses a higher risk for inconsistencies in performance, leading to operational downtime and financial penalties due to the inability to serve customers. Ethernet services offer a superior solution by providing a consistent throughput and data transport experience, mitigating security vulnerabilities, and ensuring uninterrupted operations for both manufacturing and financial sectors alike.


For the education sector, Ethernet services are increasingly chosen as the preferred connectivity solution for networking between schools and educational service centers. Regional Education Service Centers across Texas, and similar setups elsewhere, are prioritizing Ethernet connectivity due to its reliability and ease of implementation. Ethernet services offer private networking connectivity, simplifying operations and reducing the burden on IT staff. This contrasts with the complexity of SD-WAN and broadband internet DSL, where specialized technology and skills are often required, leading to higher costs. By opting for Ethernet services, educational institutions can streamline their network infrastructure while enjoying consistent and efficient connectivity, ultimately enhancing the learning environment for students and educators alike.


Many healthcare organizations are also looking to Ethernet technology to facilitate networking between main hospital buildings, medical offices, and outpatient clinics. Some facilities are opting for a hybrid approach, leveraging SD-WAN for clinics and Ethernet connectivity for major hospitals. This strategic deployment allows healthcare organizations to tailor their network solutions to meet the specific needs of different segments within their operations, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer while prioritizing security and performance.

The Advantages of FiberLight’s Ethernet Services

The advantages of Ethernet Services are clear, with the business use cases spanning many industries. When it comes to choosing network solutions, cable operators and local exchange carriers may offer options based on internet connectivity. However, FiberLight’s Ethernet Services stand out with service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee higher availability compared to asymmetric internet connectivity. This means that customers can rely on our services to stay online, minimizing the risk of revenue loss and operational disruptions caused by frequent outages. By opting for FiberLight’s Ethernet Services, businesses gain access to dedicated, symmetrical connections with SLAs and a strong commitment to uptime, ensuring they can operate smoothly without worrying about network interruptions.

FiberLight’s expertise in constructing secure, scalable, and personalized Ethernet services is backed by over two decades of industry experience. Businesses can trust FiberLight as a reliable partner to meet their networking needs and advance business objectives.

Key Benefits of FiberLights’ Ethernet Services include:

  • Expert Construction: Secure your data traffic with dedicated, MEF-compliant Ethernet services that operate over a protected network architecture, ensuring maximum security for your business operations.
  • Maximum Security and Scalability: Choose the bandwidth that suits your current business needs and future growth aspirations, with hyperscale capabilities extending up to 100 Gbps. Enjoy end-to-end network management for enhanced control and flexibility.
  • Personalized Experience: Easily access executive and field resources for personalized account management and service maintenance. Benefit from higher-touch support tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Trusted Expertise: Benefit from over 20 years of dedicated experience in designing, engineering, and optimizing large-scale fiber networks, along with regional expertise, for dependable customer service and network management. Our fully owned, operated, and managed network ensures stability and flexibility for your business’s evolving needs.
  • Enhanced Performance: Run your business smoothly with custom fiber paths directly to your location, reducing potential fail-points and backed by standard SLAs and a 24/7/365 NOC.

With its unparalleled expertise, commitment to personalized service, and robust infrastructure, FiberLight offers businesses a reliable and cost-effective solution for their Ethernet service needs, ensuring seamless connectivity, enhanced performance, and peace of mind for years to come. To learn more visit