FiberLight Weekly Newsletter for August 5, 2016


FiberLight Weekly


Speed Matters

Is your school up to speed? Although digital tools deepen learning experiences, many classrooms today lag behind the digital curve.

Our expanded Texas fiber network will help students and teachers close the gap between education and technology. Learn about FiberLight's E-Rate strategies and how we're helping to tech schools out.

FiberLight To Step Up E-Rate Dark Fiber Efforts In 2016

Chatterbot, At Your Service

A ComScore Study revealed that the average American spends 80% of their app time in only three apps. Of those three apps, Americans devote about 50% of their app time to a single app. Are chatbots the tool to getting consumers to spend more time in your app?

Why Chatbots Are Thriving

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6 Reasons to Think Very Carefully Before Using Chatbots

Bot-Driven Workforce:
The HR Person at Your Next Job May Actually Be a Bot

Illustration by Aisha Franz

Connected: Find Fiber Near You!
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