Stable, secure fiber network with little to no downtime.

The Drake at White Rock is positioned to offer their future tenants a stable, secure fiber network with little to no downtime.

SmartFiber and FiberLight are perfectly aligned to partner on additional upcoming projects, providing valuable fiber solutions for end users across the U.S.


SmartFiber, a provider of communications and IT infrastructure for SMB, connected commercial properties, state and local governments, data centers, and more tasked with providing high-bandwidth fiber internet to a new build, high-end multi-dwelling unit complex in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Luxury Residential Property

Solutions: Ethernet Transport

  • Stable and secure network
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Minimum downtime
FiberLight Success Story - Online Education Management Services

Adam Copenhaver


“FiberLight brings a 10x multiplier in terms of both ease of use and speed to deploy.  Their singular focus on delivering high-capacity data services provides our users benefits that extend far beyond price.”

Higher Performing Internet

At Dallas Luxury Residential Property


Deliver stable and secure network for lower-latency, higher bandwidth and augmented WiFi capabilities, while ensuring minimum downtime for the individuals leasing each unit at an aggressive price point.


FiberLight provided 2 Gbps EVPL to the property, beating out AT&T as the selected provider, based on our values of density, diversity and depth, while maintaining a competitive pricing structure.

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