Always-on environment

Facilitate important peace of mind with disaster recovery capabilities in place.


Next-generation IT engineering firm

Solutions: Enhanced DIA / Ethernet Transport

  • Two-tiered network
  • Accelerated performance
  • Augmented control
  • Increased scalability
  • Better security
FiberLight Success Story - Online Education Management Services
1GBPS P2P Private Line
2 Data Center Connections


CTO & Founder of SereneIT, Inc.

One of the most important things in this modern world is keeping the network online so that consumers and users can stay connected,” continues Tinker. “That’s why we depend on FiberLight—they handle all of it. Looking beyond the technical capabilities, they’re just easy to work with.

Dependable Service

Facilitates Peace of Mind and Accelerates Future Growth

In order to achieve and maintain a high level of customer service, SereneIT relies on strategic partners that offer solutions that best complement its innovative managed IT services including locating servers in some of the most secure data centers in the U.S.

For its data center connectivity to Ascent’s facilities in Alpharetta, GA and Dallas, TX SereneIT required a fiber partner that could quickly interconnect these facilities to enable geographic redundancy, provision highly reliable disaster recovery options and ensure customers were backed by a truly always-on network. Upholding the highest degree of service quality, success and uptime was a fundamental requirement not only due to the mission- critical nature of SereneIT’s customer deployments, but also the importance the company places on its customers’ trust.

Trusted Fiber Solutions that Deliver Uptime and Scalability

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