Update: Status of Long-Haul Network Builds

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Responding to his predictions of market consolidation within the telecom infrastructure industry, Fierce Network reporter Linda Hardesty requested an interview with FiberLight CEO, Bill Major, which provided insights for two separate articles.

The first article, addressing long-haul network builds, included points by Bill about FiberLight’s 19,000-route-mile backbone network to connect data centers and a recent public sector win in the Texas Panhandle.

The second article aligns closely with Bill’s predictions by detailing M&A activity and – as Bill suggested – market consolidation. The piece includes Bill’s thoughts about possible acquisitions and, consistent with FiberLight’s mission, a focus on startup fiber companies.

Read the full article “What’s the status of long-haul network builds in the US?” at Fierce Network: https://www.fierce-network.com/broadband/whats-status-long-haul-network-builds-us