FiberLight Delivers New, Diverse Pathways Between Dallas and Central & Northern Mexico for Cross-Border Connectivity

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Partnership with NeuLink and MDC Data Centers opens route between Dallas and fast-growth technology hubs in Queretaro and Monterrey  

Atlanta, GA and McAllen, TX, February 26, 2024 –  FiberLight, LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of experience designing, building, and operating mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, today announced new fiber routes from Dallas to Querétaro and Dallas to Monterrey in partnership with MDC Data Centers, the leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services along the U.S. border with Mexico, and NeuLink, a new telecommunications operator from Monterrey, NL. FiberLight provides fiber services into MDC’s Data Center in Eagle Pass, Texas, and bridges major data centers between the United States and Mexico. 

“FiberLight is proud to be the first fiber provider to deliver connectivity to Mexico through MDC’s data center in Eagle Pass, and our partnership with NeuLink strengthens our offering for businesses by providing a secure, diverse pathway from Dallas to Querétaro and Dallas to Monterrey,” said Jay Anderson, CTO of FiberLight. “As our extensive network footprint in Texas continues to grow, FiberLight provides our customers with a redundant route that enables cross-border connectivity and advances technology initiatives.”    

Querétaro and Monterrey are two of the fastest-growing technology hubs in Mexico, where the demand for cloud services and over-the-top (OTT) media is creating a data center boom. The surge in new construction to support new communities of entrepreneurs and to facilitate cross-border trade for enterprises requires a secure fiber infrastructure and diverse interconnectivity at strategic crossing points along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“The rapid expansion of data centers in central and northeast Mexico, built to support initiatives ranging from AI to gaming and IoT, is fueling the demand for increased bandwidth and diverse, redundant routes that can support high-volume data transmission,” said Alejandro Guzman, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuLink. “Through our partnership with FiberLight and MDC Data Centers, we’re providing a secure, long-haul route between central Mexico into Dallas, and creating a new ecosystem to enable cross-border connectivity.”

The new Dallas to Querétaro and Dallas to Monterrey routes represent FiberLight’s focus on expanding its network across Texas and build on its partnership with MDC Data Centers to diversify pathways into the Mexican market. FiberLight has previously announced connectivity through El Paso and border crossings through Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville. 

“MDC is committed to building a BorderConnect Platform™ that spans the length of our U.S.-Mexico border to facilitate connections that fuel business growth,” said Juan Salazar, CEO of MDC Data Centers. “Through our partnership with FiberLight and NeuLink, we’re delivering on that vision by providing a carrier-neutral access point that connects NeuLink from central Mexico into the United States and FiberLight’s robust fiber network, and is meeting the growing demand for new pathways in strategically located markets.” 

About MDC Data Centers

MDC Data Centers offers the ideal solution for networks seeking efficient and effective connectivity throughout Mexico. Our approach is based on centralizing the core points-of-presence for Mexican and North American networks in our neutral spaces located along the US border. This convergence of northbound and southbound networks creates a dense network ecosystem on the border, which is further strengthened by our unique International Fiber Crossings infrastructure and secure, neutral hosting environment for network connections. Together, these components form our BorderConnect Platform™, which aims to facilitate connections that empower customers and communities by uniting networks, countries, and people. For more information visit: or follow MDC Data Centers on LinkedIn and X at @mdcdatacenters.

About NeuLink

NeuLink, stationed in Monterrey, NL, stands at the forefront of telecommunications infrastructure development between Mexico and the United States. With a foundational team that boasts over 30 years of profound expertise in the spheres of commercial strategy, development, and expansion of telecommunications assets across Mexico and Latin America, NeuLink is poised for greatness in the domain. For more on NeuLink, visit:

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