Truly Diverse Business Internet: An Unfair Advantage

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Good intentions do not happen by accident.

Home insurance, life insurance, and car insurance are purpose-driven events.

To avoid disasters and guarantee network uptime, a redundant Internet provider is non-negotiable.

True redundancy requires research, engineering expertise, and intentional design. It requires the contracting of a network engineer who has access to traffic-flow routing information and the ability to concept alternate options.


Although, a secondary solution makes great business sense, if you are struggling with the idea that you are paying good money for a circuit that is just sitting there, doing nothing. You can put your second connection to work for you and get even more for your money.


ONE: Make Your Current Network More Robust

With an ally to assist your IT staff, your redundancy plan can give you much more than a backup in the event of emergency, it can give you a more productive, efficient infrastructure.

A highly-skilled, solutions architect will be able to not only design a diverse solution to protect against network outages, failures, fiber cuts, but they will also be able to create a continuously operating network that enhances the quality, availability and robustness of your network infrastructure.

TWO: Use It as a Guest Connection

If you have visitors in your office, allow them to use the secondary connection as the guest wifi.  This will keep visitors off of your primary network as well as improve the privacy and security of your network.

THREE:  Use it for Downloads and other Data- intense Needs

Sometimes companies need to download data from remote servers. Using your backup circuit for these will keep your main connection stable for essential work.

Other programs you could potentially run over your secondary circuit are video conferencing and streaming services such as VoIP.

If you are investing in diversity to ensure uptime – spend your money well

FiberLight can provide the highest level of redundancy.  We have best-in-class engineers and solutions architects who are experienced in designing one-of-a-kind networks for redundant and complex IT operations.

Contact Us today to book your free needs assessment.  Diversity is a complex topic and in order to eliminate points of failure on your network the right questions need to be asked.

Digging deep into what you are trying to achieve and what you want to avoid is our top priority.  We are an infrastructure partner who will listen to your goals and build a network design that meets those objectives.

Connectivity is more important than ever before

At FiberLight, we have been building, designing, and managing infrastructure networks for over 20 years.  No matter what your challenge, configuration requirements, or operational needs, FiberLight is available to help you design the custom fiber network that works for your business.

FiberLight Flexible Network Options:

  • Custom designed network
  • Dual Entrance
  • Diverse PoP
  • Diverse path
  • Flexible Financing options
  • Construction options
    • we will build to your location
    • you can build back to our network
    • or we can meet at a splice point

If your Internet connection has let you down, add resiliency to your IT strategy.

Ready to get faster Internet than ever before and get truly diverse Internet redundancy?  Contact us today.

  • Avoid Fiber Cuts
  • Avoid Internal Cable cuts
  • Avoid Internet Outages
  • Avoid Downtime

About FiberLight: 

As owner and operator of our own fiber network, we are always expanding our reach to meet our customers growing bandwidth requirements. As an infrastructure provider with one of the largest fiber networks in Texas, FiberLight can meet these requests. With a construction background, FiberLight is known for our ability to customize networks, providing best-in-class infrastructure to support reliable, ultra-low latency, always-on lit or dark services.