Top Security Features of an Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

An Ethernet Private Line (EVPL) is a private data connection securely connecting two or more locations for private data services over a fiber-optic network. The key advantage of an EVPL is in its name – private. Because they are designed as closed networks that don’t travel across public lines, EVPLs have built-in security and provide an inherent level of high-quality service.

EVPL services, which range in speeds from 10Mbps to 100Gbps, are used by businesses to provide reliable, secure Ethernet point-to-point data service for applications including credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, VOIP, and video conferencing.

EVPLs offer an alternative to traditional leased lines and can be more cost-effective, especially for businesses with moderate to high data transfer needs. They are commonly used by businesses requiring a secure and high-performance connection between geographically dispersed locations. Key features of Ethernet Private Lines include:

  • Ethernet Protocol: EVPLs are based on the Ethernet protocol, a widely used standard for local area networks (LANs) that makes it easy to integrate with existing Ethernet-based infrastructure and equipment.
  • Symmetrical Service: Unlike many cable or broadband Internet services, EVPLs offer upload and download speeds at the same commitment of the bandwidth rate. 
  • Point-to-Point Connectivity: Because EVPLs establish a direct, point-to-point connection between two locations, they’re ideal for connecting two offices of a company, data centers, or any other locations requiring a secure and high-performance link.
  • Scalability: EVPL services often offer scalable bandwidth options, for businesses who need to adjust their network capacity based on changing needs. 
  • Reliability and Security: Because the service does not have connectivity to the public Internet, it has an inherent level of security, which can contribute to a customer’s security policy and regulatory compliance.

EVPL: Serving a Wide Range of Applications Across Many Industries

Many industries rely on EVPLs for secure communication infrastructure. This can be particularly useful for companies that must meet strict security and compliance guidelines.

For the finance and banking industries, a key goal for its customers is to ensure safe and reliable communication for everything from financial transactions to data transfers, and real-time trading. For businesses in this sector, EVPLs provide their customers a guarantee of confidentiality and integrity of their sensitive financial data. 

In healthcare, the need to protect patient data during the transmission of electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging, and other patient-related data is not only a moral imperative but a legal one, as well. For healthcare organizations, EVPLs facilitate the rapid and secure exchange of this information between healthcare facilities, which supports timely and accurate diagnoses and treatments. 

Within the world of manufacturing and supply chains, the importance of efficient and real-time communication between facilities, distribution centers, and last-mile delivery providers has never been more acute. EVPLs engender a seamless flow of data across these touch points and in doing so enable real-time monitoring, inventory management, and coordination. 

For those in technology and IT Services, the need to deliver high-speed and reliable connectivity for data centers, cloud services, and inter-office communication is a strategic imperative. For these environments, EVPLs provide a crucial and literal link for connecting data centers, supporting cloud-based services, and ensuring secure communication within and between IT infrastructure components. This can be particularly important for businesses relying on cloud computing and distributed IT architectures.

For government agencies and defense contractors, the need for secure communication for the exchange of details related to – for example – military operations is an imposing challenge. With an EVPL, parties representing these organizations can be assured of secure and resilient communication that guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Within energy and utility circles reliable communication is at the heart of managing critical infrastructure such as power grids and pipelines. Here, EVPLs play a vital role in the utility industry’s ability to support real-time monitoring and the control of infrastructure to ensure the reliability and resilience of energy distribution systems.

EVPL: Benefits Beyond Security

Beyond security, EVPLs offer many additional benefits that contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations.

Driving Technology Initiatives: EVPLs can help you build a strong foundation to drive the success of technology initiatives. In particular, critical business data, files, and cloud applications can be accessed and transferred swiftly and securely between locations, supporting growing businesses.

Reliable Performance: EVPLs provide symmetrical and predictable bandwidth, ensuring consistent and reliable performance, which is important for applications like voice and video communication, which require low latency and two-way communication.

Scalability: scalable EVPL services allow businesses to easily adjust their bandwidth requirements based on changing needs.

Simplified Network Management: Provides customers a level of security without having to encrypt traffic, simplifying the network. 

Integration with Existing Infrastructure: because EVPLs are based on the Ethernet protocol, which is widely used for local area networks (LANs), they are compatible with existing Ethernet-based infrastructure and equipment, simplifying integration into an organization’s network.

Support for Cloud Connectivity: an EVPL can be used to establish private connections to cloud service providers, ensuring a reliable and secure link to cloud-based applications and resources, which is particularly important for businesses relying on cloud services for various aspects of their operations.

Ethernet Private Lines deliver a wide range of benefits to an equally diverse group of industries that rely on the security it delivers but also benefit from its reliable performance, low latency, scalability, simplified management, and support for various applications and services. These advantages make EVPL a valuable choice for any business seeking a high-performance connectivity solution. 

FiberLight’s Ethernet Private Line offering delivers the bandwidth customers need, whether it’s complete point-to-point connectivity between key metros or metro and long-haul services all in one place.

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