New Partner Program Resource Hub Further Enables High-Capacity Connectivity

Thursday, July 23, 2020

In the age of the internet and digital business, fast, reliable and robust data access, mobility and management has never been more important. Yet, whether it’s smart city initiatives, Telehealth deployments or online education innovations, having the underlying infrastructure in place is necessary for achieving any digital transformation. This is why today, more and more organizations are realizing the true value of robust fiber optic infrastructure.

FiberLight is dedicated to igniting its customers’ digital transformations, empowering growth and building foundations for advanced capability. To underscore this commitment, FiberLight created its Strategic Partners and Alliances program in 2019 and hired industry veteran Jes Shiflet to focus on more strategic master, regional and direct agents, as well as value added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT consultants, to help support end-users’ bandwidth-intensive applications, high-capacity cloud requirements and network connectivity needs.

Seeking to Differentiate in the Channel

Not only has the program signed all 10 of the top master agents in the industry today, the access it shares to location-based resources like Connected2Fiber, MasterStream and FiberLocator ensures partners and end-user customers realize successful new fiber construction. The FiberLight Partner Program is a best fit for partners enabling end-users needing 1Gbps and above Enhanced Direct Internet Access (DIA) and Ethernet Transport, 10Gbps and 100Gbps Data Center Connectivity wavelength services, better performance and security through direct connectivity to public clouds with Cloud Connect and more control, scale and security with Dark Fiber. FiberLight is aligned to support up-the-stack partners with dedicated sales engineers, solution architects and customer relationship managers, while offering partners the ability to earn more payout on recurring dark fiber lease and lit fiber commissions than other telecom partner programs. Furthermore, FiberLight’s Partner Program is differentiated in the industry in its setup that avoids internal sales channel conflict due price parity across enterprise and partner sales channels.

Accessing Partner Info in One Place

Now, FiberLight unveils the latest enhancement to its partnership program: the Partner Resource Hub. This online hub brings together much of the information partners may require as they look to support their customers and delivers it in one central and easy-to-use location. The Partner Resource Hub offers quarterly SPIFF information, fiber network maps and Partner Manager contact information, as well as instructions on how to API with FiberLight, and links to request KMZ files, and—coming soon—co-brandable marketing materials. It also enables access to all supporting documentation needed to more efficiently and effectively offer FiberLight’s services and empower customers with critical fiber and connectivity. With this added ease of access and convenience, partners can enjoy an even more successful partnership experience.

Pricing Portal on the Way

The FiberLight Partner Resource Hub will continue to grow and evolve, offering even more mission-critical advantages. Soon, the hub will be offering Connected2Fiber CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) capabilities, enabling partners to overcome existing hurdles with traditional quoting procedures. These processes are often manual and heavily dependent on email, spreadsheets and personal networks, leading to inefficiencies and even lost opportunities and decreased win rates. With Connected2Fiber CPQ capabilities, the hub will soon solve these challenges by replacing spreadsheet-based manual quoting with robust automated functionality in the pricing portal, making the quoting process more simple and easy to use than ever.

Want to check it out? Visit FiberLight’s Partner Resource Hub now.