How FiberLight Protects Its Network Against the Threat of Hurricanes

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

By Ernie Hoffmann, Sr. Vice President, Operations & Fulfillment

Hurricane Ian will hit Florida as a major storm, according to forecasters

Hurricane Ian will hit Florida as a major storm, according to forecasters September 26, 2022. Ian could be the first major hurricane to strike Florida since Hurricane Michael hit in 2018. 

Concerned residents of Florida are wisely preparing for a major storm as Ian grows stronger and surges towards the mainland with treacherous winds, rain, and possible flooding across the state.  Watchful experts predict Florida could see as much as 15 inches of rain as a result of Hurricane Ian and are urging citizens in the path of the storm to closely monitor the situation and have their hurricane plan outlined.  

The six-month hurricane season does not end for the Atlantic until November 30, 2022. Because August through October are the peak months for hurricane development, the country is closely watching Hurricane Ian. With possible winds as strong as 140 mph, experts are predicting that Hurricane Ian could bring an alarming storm to Florida’s Gulf Coast.  

Given the current projected path of Ian, FiberLight is preparing for possible outages for Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta Georgia. Our Network Operations Center has set up regular calls with the field to stay in touch and be able to respond quickly. 

While the safety of our employees and customers is our top priority, our teams and partners have lined up essential equipment and will work around the clock to restore our services safely and as quickly as possible if there is a problem.