FiberLight Delivers Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access to Increase Network Uptime, Speed and Reliability

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

FiberLight supports dedicated 100Gb Direct Internet Access, providing existing customers with diverse connection paths and full transport diversity.

When FiberLight recently announced the launch of its latest high-capacity internet access point-of-presence (PoP) in Houston, Texas, the news marked a significant milestone for the organization: an expanded network with more than 70 enhanced access points across the state of Texas. This expansion enables FiberLIght to support dedicated 100Gb Direct Internet Access, providing existing customers with diverse connection paths and full transport diversity.

What is “Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access,” and how does it benefit businesses? Let us start by comparing Dedicated Internet Access to broadband service, and review some of the key benefits of this state-of-the-art technology.

Dedicated Internet Access vs. Broadband

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) refers to a private or fully dedicated connection between the internet and the customer.  Enterprises, data centers, government institutions, and many more businesses today require a fully dedicated connection allowing large amounts of data to be transferred at faster speeds in order to keep pace with their business needs.

Broadband access refers to a shared connection to the internet, with a set amount of bandwidth usually included in a fixed package and speed varies depending on network traffic – which can fluctuate widely depending on location and the time of day.

As more businesses offer remote work options and cloud deployments continue to rise across enterprise organizations, internet traffic has risen to all-time highs. This growth requires that organizations have high-capacity, reliable, and high-performing internet access to optimally run operations between their LAN (Local area network) or WAN (Wide area network) and the Internet.

Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from choosing DIA over broadband.  From the mom-and-pop business to the hyperscalers; virtually anyone can benefit from a dedicated, reliable network with faster speeds to better serve their customers.

Another advantage of FiberLight’s DIA over broadband is access to MAR fiber rings (Metro Aggregate Route) in all of our markets.  Where most providers charge for the ability to reroute traffic in the event of an outage or congestion, the FiberLight network automatically directs traffic on the fastest path. FiberLight continues to focus its efforts on building new, diverse routes into hard-to-reach locations in order to provide a true alternative for unique buildings and markets.

FiberLight DIA Reduce Network Downtime

Benefits of FiberLight’s Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access 

FiberLight’s Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access offers multiple upstream providers to increase network uptime, speed, and enhance its DIA capabilities. FiberLight’s new expanded IP location in Houston, coupled with the existing location in Dallas, provides FiberLight customers with the ability to take advantage of varied internet traffic patterns in and out of Texas. These new offerings greatly increase their network capacity and give customers additional advantages around reliability, speed and route ability.

Unparalleled Experience in Delivering Enhanced DIA

With 20 years of unparalleled experience designing, engineering, and optimizing large-scale fiber networks, FiberLight offers unmatched expertise in providing state-of-the-art, dense fiber networks to support customer needs. FiberLight knows what it takes to deliver state-of-the-art technology that goes beyond metropolitan areas. In fact, we are specialists when it comes to going deep and wide in rural areas to deliver fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Another Texas Success Story – The City of Bastrop

The City of Bastrop, located approximately 30 miles southeast of Austin, is the county seat of Bastrop County, Texas, and part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area.

To empower the City of Bastrop as it continues on its long-term growth trajectory and deliver the bandwidth, city-wide connectivity and redundancy it required, FiberLight was chosen to add three new 1Gbps Enhanced Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) fiber circuits to the existing fiber ring.

“We needed a network partner that could understand and meet our particular needs—someone that was a little more local that offered the support we needed when and where we needed it,” comments Jesse Miga, Director of Information Technology for the City of Bastrop. “Demands on networks are growing and evolving so rapidly, and ensuring our city is supported by this foundation of connectivity is essential as we look to enhance our reputation as an attractive destination for individuals and businesses alike. FiberLight was the ideal partner that met all of our requirements so that we can meet the needs of our residents and achieve our collective vision for Bastrop.”