Top Causes for Business Fiber Internet Outages: Accidents, Animals

Wednesday, August 3, 2022


I’ve got some good news–it happens to the best of us. 

Business fiber internet outages are more common than one would think, and the solution is not always a “one size fits all” answer. High powered business fiber networks can fail for many reasons–not the least of which can be self-inflicted from time to time.

“Global internet outages continue to climb in 2021, up 142% since early January”


Top Causes of Business Fiber Internet Outages According to PPC


Chewing critters with sharp teeth.

Squirrels, moles, beavers, and other chewing animals do countless amounts of damage to fiber circuits.  At FiberLight, as you can imagine, having 90% of our fiber buried over 3 feet deep underground greatly discourages rodents from finding and damaging our network.

No matter how dense your network, how fast your routers, how strong your cable, or how well deployed your infrastructure is – you cannot completely avoid network outages.

These problems aren’t going away anytime soon.

FiberLight PowerPlay: Causes of Fiber Outages - 28% of fiber outages were caused by squirrels

In a one-year period, Level 3 reported that 28% of their outages were caused by squirrels.


Road maintenance, car wrecks, back hoes, shovels, boat anchors, planes flying through cables.

Accidents happen.

In fact, most business fiber internet cuts are not because of intentional harm, or network deficiencies – they are simply accidents.  Cars, trucks, backhoes, even a 75-year-old woman with a shovel accidentally severed a fiber optic cable and caused a 5 hour internet blackout in 90 percent of Armenia, parts of Azerbajan and Georgia.

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Yup, we are the ones causing the business fiber internet outages that cause so much heartache, loss of time, and lack of communication.

Certainly hard to believe, but there are some nefarious troublemakers intentionally locating and severing critical fiber optic cables.

Natural Disasters

Acts of God, weather, earthquakes.

Rodents and humans are not the only culprits causing accidental outages, Mother Nature is doing her part as well.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters also suspend our Netflix binges.

Since fiber cuts cannot be completely avoided, what is the solution?


First and foremost, at FiberLight we believe redundancy begins with the fiber backbone design. Outages cannot always be avoided but they can be diverted.  When traffic is automatically re-routed, fully diversified, and truly redundant, connectivity never ceases.  Because we cannot control the weather or the wildlife, we turn to our experience, expertise, and diversely constructed, fiber, backbone rings.

At FiberLight we own and operate a fully-diverse network in each of our regional markets.  Our paths and our network automatically reroute traffic as needed so our customers experience more uptime. FiberLight owns and operates our all-fiber network. For customers, this means quicker diagnostics, easier outage location, and faster dispatch times.  Our network engineers work around the clock to ensure our infrastructure works when you need it.

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