Cloud Applications Revolutionizing The Enterprise & The Network

3/16/2016: By Kristine Kropp, Executive Vice President Operations & Service Delivery

Captains of Disruption in the Telecom World: Carrier Ethernet

5/23/2014: by Paul Pierron, CEO. Carrier Ethernet continues to dramatically change the Information Technology and business landscapes, evolving into the network platform of choice for organizations requiring high-capacity bandwidth to respond to exploding rates of data consumption. Today’s streaming Internet content was made for the Carrier Ethernet solution because the network platform is better at delivering streaming voice-data-video without delays, leaving legacy platforms such as SONET-based T1s, with its 1.54Mbps maximum transmission capacity, in its dust. At the same time, rising demand for faster data access and downloads is creating a growing market need for bigger circuits. Ethernet offers scalable circuits beginning with the 10Mbps standard, as well as 40Mbps and 100Mbps circuits for even faster access. As more businesses clamor for greater amounts of bandwidth to access streaming content and better functionality within the cloud, Carrier Ethernet is being positioned to meet the expected global IP demand in the zettabyte era. This article examines the rise, current industry applications and standards associated with Carrier Ethernet, as well as its forecasted growth as providers look to meet growing demand for bandwidth, reduced jitter and low latency.