Connectivity that Meets the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Provisioning increased bandwidth added redundancy and expanded reach to the growing city footprint. This network addition resolved existing limitations to ensure always-on capabilities and expanded digital opportunities for online business applications, new residential service use cases and more. Furthermore, the scalable fiber network provides a necessary foundation for ongoing growth.


Enhanced scalability to meet the needs of the future

Solutions: Dark Fiber / Enhanced DIA

  • Provisioning increased bandwidth
  • Added redundancy and expanded reach
  • Expanded digital opportunities
  • Scalable fiber network for future growth
3 New Fiber Circuits
1GBPS DIA Circuits


Director of Technology, City of Bastrop

FiberLight was the ideal partner that met all of our requirements so that we can meet the needs of our residents and achieve our collective vision for Bastrop.

Dual, 2-Part Network Solution

Dark Fiber and Cloud Combine for Ultimate Control

Bastrop’s existing city-wide dark fiber network ring required expanded geographic reach and fiber access capabilities to enable ubiquitous connectivity across the city’s growing footprint. It also needed to be further built out to support the new level of robust redundancy, reliability and bandwidth required to meet the demands of public libraries, vendors, residents, businesses coming to the area and more.

With numerous construction initiatives currently underway, Bastrop required a network expansion that could support residents and businesses now with the capability to expand its coverage to suit the city of tomorrow. Furthermore, the city required a fiber partner that offered local expertise, prioritized hands-on, high-touch support and an understanding of the individualized needs of Bastrop—while offering solutions that aligned with its goals.

Expanding Network Capacity

FiberLight was chosen by the City of Bastrop due to their enduring partnership; the City of Bastrop has been a customer of FiberLight since 2016. As a result, FiberLight has a unique understanding of both the city’s development process and the vision it strives to meet, delivering solutions that empower opportunities accordingly.

“We needed a network partner that could understand and meet our particular needs—someone that was a little more local that offered the support we needed when and where we needed it,” comments Jesse Miga, Director of Information Technology for the City of Bastrop. “Demands on networks are growing and evolving so rapidly, and ensuring our city is supported by this foundation of connectivity is essential as we look to enhance our reputation as an attractive destination for individuals and businesses alike. FiberLight was the ideal partner that met all of our requirements so that we can meet the needs of our residents and achieve our collective vision for Bastrop.”

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