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Connecting Different Telecom Carriers

Providing Total End-to-End Ethernet Solutions

Available in all of our PoPs and data centers, Ethernet ENNI (External Network-to-Network Interface) is the connection between different telecom carriers to provide total end-to-end ethernet solutions.

FiberLight’s low-latency transport grows with your data needs.

Ethernet External Network-to-Network Interface (ENNI)

Today’s network operators and large enterprises need end-to-end solutions to serve distributed customers. The inability to serve customers outside of network footprints or due to uncommon meet-met location requests can result in real revenue loss.

With a more reliable Ethernet ENNI on a protected core infrastructure from FiberLight, including interconnections available outside of traditional carrier hotels, extend your network where you need it so you can focus on increasing customer relationships and satisfaction.

ENNI Key Benefits

Seamlessly Extend Your

Expand service to customers outside your footprint by utilizing interconnections where your customers need them, not where the carrier hotels dictate. One ENNI can cover an entire regional market: for example, a Dallas ENNI covers the state of Texas, and Ashburn covers metro Northerner Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Offer More Reliability

Provide increased uptime with Ethernet circuits running on a protected core in FiberLight metro aggregation route (MAR) markets versus linear unprotected legacy ENNI providers such as Cable MSOs.

Increase Speed to Market

Eliminate the need for multiple switch ports and physical crossconnects at a meet-me point and bring solutions to market faster.

Access Fiber Building Lists

Enable your sales teams with 78,000 pre-qualified near-net building lists available via realtime Connected2Fiber API or flat file with quarterly updates.

Layer 2 “Hub and Spoke” design

That means there’s a hub or aggregation point that connects with another carrier with one large handoff at one side of the ENNI and multiple smaller circuits going off the other side. The net result? Carriers are able to bring solutions to market faster by eliminating the need for multiple switch ports and physical cross-connects at a meet-me point.

ENNI Features

  • Standard ENNI options at 1GE and 10GE – 100GE with ICB availability
  • Ethernet end links from 100Mbps to 10GE
  • Connected to 165 data centers, cloud service PoPs, and carrier hotels
  • Willing to construct new fiber routes to reach additional buildings, towers, and other locations
  • Internal FiberLight teams dedicated to BAA acquisition
Avg Core Availability
Data Centers

We are always working with new clients who will require additional network connections into the Carrier-1 facility. FiberLight is at the top of our list to either resell their services or recommend for direct services.

Trey Berndt

Executive Vice President, Carrier-1 Data Centers