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Dedicated Internet Access

Key Benefits


As traffic traversing the internet continues to increase, businesses are requiring a more scalable, reliable, high performing dedicated internet access service to optimally run their operations between their LAN and the public internet. Whether you’re a small to medium size business or a CLEC who resells DIA, finding a transport provider with a reliable network, dependable customer service, and a low latency connection to the internet is vital to keeping your business running smoothly.

Increase Reliability

Run your business without interruption on a fully dedicated and
diverse fiber connection with service backed by multiple tier 1
internet providers enabling more efficient IP routing, reducing latency,
and ensuring traffic reaches its intended destination quickly.

Deploy Faster Speeds

Choose the bandwidth to support your business now and into the
future with easily scalable bandwidth options up to 10 Gbps.

Enable BCDR

Increase uptime and productivity via protected IP gateways and
upstream access to the internet with automatic network failover that
routes traffic to the nearest geographic gateway and market.

Experience High-Touch Customer Service

Easily access top executive and field resources, offering a more
personalized experience for delivering ongoing account management
and service maintenance.

As a long time FiberLight customer, we appreciate the high level of service and commitment from the entire team in meeting our design and performance requirements.

Kevin Bly

Former VP of Business Development, Peer 9 Investments LLC