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Top Data Center Interconnect Features:

Digital transformation is driving the need for continuous bandwidth growth and predictable costs to scale for network operators, data centers, cloud service providers, and content delivery networks. It’s vital to continue to make plans to stay ahead of internal and external data needs with high-bandwidth, scalable dark fiber.

Bandwidth Options

  • 10Gbps
  • 100Gbps


  • Diverse entrances into building (where available)
  • Multiple diverse backbone paths to data centers


  • Ability to stand up lit capacity and strands for dark fiber requirements
  • Up to 1,728 strands in key metros and routes
  • Key metro market overbuilds underway to expand density


  • Nearly 90 percent of fiber is built 3.5’ deep underground as our standard vs just under the surface or aerial like ILECs and MSOs


  • Custom fiber paths built for customer specifications

Next Generation Equipment

  • Expansion capabilities to support any customer requirements

As a long time FiberLight customer, we appreciate the high level of service and commitment from the entire team in meeting our design and performance requirements.

Kevin Bly

Former VP of Business Development, Peer 9 Investments LLC