Volico Data Center Expands Carrier Neutral Offering with Dark Fiber


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Formed by a group of experienced senior network engineers in 2000, Volico has grown to become one of the most reliable colocation hosting providers nationwide. Built from the ground up, Volico has earned a reputation for attention to detail by staffing highly qualified technicians with a commitment to the latest data center technologies.

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Volico needs to source optical services from multiple carriers so it can provide diverse and competitive options for customers in its South Florida Carrier Neutral Data Center.

“Volico Data Centers offer carrier neutral solutions by allowing unobstructed access to dark and lit services for clients and providers alike,” Director of Operations Gadi Hus said. “FiberLight enables Tier 1 and Tier 2 network operators to light up buildings by leveraging its robust South Florida infrastructure.”


FiberLight provided a redundant dark fiber solution into Volico. FiberLight’s engineering and construction expertise made the partnership an easy one.

“FiberLight was instrumental on the engineering side with fiber characterizations,” Hus said. “They also helped us choose a vendor for our DWDM optic equipment.”

Hus added the implementation process, from construction to operation, was smooth and informative.

“We want companies like FiberLight because FiberLight also provides transport and fiber services to other carriers,” Hus said.


Volico utilizes many companies to provide its customers diversity in fiber offerings. FiberLight is a good fit because its presence expands neutrality, provides an additional redundant network option for the data center, and is a local company rather than a huge conglomerate.

“FiberLight’s extensive regional fiber footprint gives them a clear advantage in providing services with minimal build-out costs and service delivery time” Hus said. “If you need to connect buildings or regions, FiberLight is a clear choice.”


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