Hope Channel, Inc. Expands Reach with Scalable, Reliable DIA over Fiber

Hope Channel

Company Profile

Hope Channel, Inc. (Hope Channel) is an international, faith-based television network headquartered in Maryland. It began broadcasting in the U.S. in 2003 and has since expanded to 23 countries, featuring original content reflecting many languages and cultures.

As part of its expansion, Hope Channel aims to make both its live and on-demand programming available online in HD. Hope Channel is broadcast through satellite, cable and the web. Learn more about the organization and view content at www.hopetv.org.


Through expansion, Hope Channel has encountered a challenge common to many growing businesses: reliable, affordable access to high-bandwidth network for data transport.

Justin Woods, Hope Channel’s Manager of Web Services, said the organization struggled to upload on-demand video content immediately after broadcast with their previous bandwidth provider. Video streaming and accessibility is mission-critical to Hope Channel’s audience engagement.

“We needed a lot more bandwidth than we had,” Woods said. “And being a nonprofit, we don’t have gobs of money to burn.”

Hope Channel needed reasonably priced transport services with reliable video uploading and streaming capabilities.


Hope Channel learned of FiberLight, LLC (FiberLight) from other tenants at its location. FiberLight and Hope Channel worked collaboratively to engineer an initial order of 100mb of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). After two years of expansion activities, Hope Channel upgraded to 400mb of DIA over dedicated fiber, giving it more control of its data.

“When we went to 400[mb], FiberLight agreed to dedicate fiber to us and our server room but keep it part of the building account,” Woods said. “We appreciated that.”


Because FiberLight was already on-net at Hope Channel’s location, service implementation was both easy and cost efficient.

“We were able to buy more bandwidth, and it brought down the price for everyone in the building,” Woods said. “That was a real advantage.”

After two and half years working with FiberLight, Woods said Hope Channel hadn’t experienced a connection problem. Since its most mission-critical data runs over FiberLight DIA, reliability is imperative for Hope Channel.

Hope Channel is moving its television broadcast facility from California to Maryland. With the higher bandwidth available in its Maryland office, Hope Channel plans to start a mobile production studio using an IP-VPN to connect to the FiberLight DIA. Using the IP-VPN, it will create live-streaming content from different locations. As Hope Channel and its service needs grow, FiberLight will continue growing with it.

All of my interactions with the FiberLight sales and technical staff have been very positive. They are very responsive and pleasant to work with. I feel like they’re looking out for us and I really appreciate that.

Justin Woods – Manager of Web Services, Hope Channel


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