Heraeus Connects Three Locations, International Network With Dark Fiber


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Heraeus Quartz America LLC (Heraeus) has a wealth of experience in processing quartz glass. It owns 13 production sites in Europe, Asia and North America specialized in the manufacture of natural quartz glass for the optics, chemical and semiconductor industries. It also produces synthetic quartz glass for components used to make microchips and for optical fibers used in the telecommunications industry. Heraeus is headquartered in Germany.

For more information, visit www.heraeus.com


Heraeus needed to connect three locations within a one-mile radius in Austin, Texas establish a stable connection to its international network.

“We couldn’t do video conferences without crashing the entire network,” Heraeus Controller Margaret Ballinger said. “We needed faster IT, and we were encouraged to look at fiber because, at the time, it was the new thing and our corporate headquarters thought fiber was a good idea.”

Before FiberLight, Ballinger said the network was supported by a business internet & VPN plan through a national ISP.

Ballinger said the goal of connecting the three buildings was difficult because of permitting and construction. Other service providers projected at least three months for any course of action.


FiberLight provided Heraeus dark fiber between its Austin locations.

Two of Heraeus’s buildings were on FiberLight’s network, but the third required construction under a street. The construction required permits, which put off other companies. However, FiberLight rose to the challenge and proposed a radar solution to keep Heraeus running during permitting and construction.

“[Our sales rep] came up with a solution to using a radar device from our building to the other until we could put fiber into the third building,” Ballinger said. “FiberLight was helpful in coming up with alternatives while we waited for permits from the city.”


After providing a temporary solution to keep all three locations connected, FiberLight brought all three buildings onto fiber network.

“The main reasons I would recommend FiberLight is because they’re professional and honest about what can and cannot be done,” Ballinger said.

Heraeus now has the network bandwidth and reliability for key business functions such as video conferencing, voice over IP, and private portals.

FiberLight employees were upfront and creative with coming up with solutions.

Margaret Ballinger – Controller, Heraeus Quartz


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