Introductions that give back

Do you know an organization that could benefit from high-speed lit or dark fiber services for cloud and enterprise connectivity?

Referral Program Details

Earn cash or account credits for new customers referred to FiberLight.


Neighbors, family, or friends opening a new office in a FiberLight service area?  Send a referral!

Business colleagues make great referrals. If you know professionals in any industry who operate in the FiberLight service area be sure to refer. 

Conversations on construction sites? New building going up in the FiberLight footprint, this is a great referral opportunity.

Business Referral FAQs

Who is eligible to participate?

  • FiberLight non-commissioned employees
  • FiberLight customers in good standing
  • Any business including property management companies, integrators, data centers, etc.
  • Individuals excluding those who are related to FiberLight employees or are employed with a company contracted to a direct commissionable agent program

What is considered an eligible referral?

  • New customers adding FiberLight service for the first time
  • Former FiberLight customers switching back from another provider
  • An existing FiberLight customer opening a new location or new service that has not been submitted in SalesForce

What is the payout for a referral?

  • Referral Partners are paid 1X MRR 60 days after the customer is invoiced
  • Payout is 100% contracted MRR
  • Payout cap per referral is $30,000.00

How do businesses submit a referral?

  • FiberLight employees, FiberLight customers, and FiberLight business friends can all use the Online Referral Portal to submit the lead
  • Referee will be prompted to submit necessary paperwork for payment
    • FBL Employees only submit referral (no additional paperwork needed)
    • Non-Employee Referral Partners submit paperwork section (add paperwork to referral portal so referral partner can print/ scan/ and submit all via the portal)
    • Paperwork Checklist (It is the Referral Partners responsibility to submit all paperwork):
      • Referral submitted in portal
      • Signed Referral Program Agreement
      • Completed New Vendor Form
    • W-9 so they can be added to our payment system