FiberLight Public Sector

Connecting Communities – Improving Lives

Connecting underserved and rural communities

FiberLight’s Public Sector team connects underserved and rural communities through its vast expertise in IT modernization, deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by local municipalities and government agencies, and unparalleled experience.

The shift to smarter cities, digital equity, and community inclusion is propelling government entities to enable access to information technologies through financial means.


FiberLight is committed to digital equality where all individuals and communities have the communication capacity necessary for seamless and secure connectivity to improve quality of life, health, and happiness.

Who we serve

  • Educational Institutions
  • Civic and Cultural Participation
  • Employment & Remote Working
  • Improved Healthcare
  • Essential services

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

  • Experienced and Committed to Your Business
    • Confidential partnership, expert advice, experienced team
    • Protection of sensitive data
    • Support with collaboration, real-time individual conferences, and industry specific recommendations
    • Meeting all compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Public Sector Products
    • Dark Fiber
    • Dedicated Internet Access
    • DCI (Data Center Interconnect)
    • P2P Private Line

What We Do

  • Awareness and Education
    • Experienced, consultative approach
    • Guidance securing funds
    • Ensuring options are available for your institution
  • Navigation and Guidance
    • Positioned as an overlay to help navigate the process
    • Providing assistance to explore options
    • Identifying missed opportunities


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FiberLight Public Sector

Meet Our Team

Mike Ellison, VP Public Sector, FiberLight

Mike Ellison

Vice President
Public Sector

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High-count fiber and strands in the ground—lit or dark
Up to 1728-count strands in key metros and routes

Connected to 120+ data centers

Key metro market overbuilds completed to expand density


Existing network is completely diverse from ILEC and MSO routes

Ability to construct direct, custom-built paths

Diverse entrances into building

Multiple diverse backbone paths to data centers


Nearly 90 percent of our fiber is 3.5’ underground vs just under the surface or aerial like ILEC or MSO providers

Increases security and reliability of your network