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FiberLight Partner Buildings Lists

Partner Playbook on how to use building list:

  1. Building Name: Buildings in which FiberLight can be most competitive
  2. Building Category: type of building (commercial, data center, government, university or wireless)
  3. Competitive Rating: intelligence identifying how competitive the building is for Fiber.
    Green = LEC/MSO only
    Yellow = LEC/MSO + 1 other provider
    Red = LEC/MSO and 2 or more other providers.
  4. Telco Spend: data connectivity spend for the building for all tenants
  5. Tenants: number of tenants are in the building
  6. Ethernet Available: speeds available for ethernet services (Enhanced DIA, Cloud connectivity and EVPL ethernet transport)
  7. Wavelength Availability: speeds available for wavelength (either 10g or 100g)

FiberLight Network

Standard Speeds Offered

Ethernet: 100meg, 500meg, 1GE, 2GE, 5GE, 10GE

Wavelength: 10g, 100g

Products Supported

Ethernet: Enhanced Fiber DIA, Cloud Connect, EVPL/Ethernet Transport