The Wizards Behind the Curtain: Three Critical Factors in Running an Effective Fiber Optic Network

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

By April Stoume, Vice President Service Delivery, FiberLight

The telecommunications industry is embarking on yet another major transformation, introducing a wide range of next-gen communications technologies – such as IoT, C-RAN, and 5G mobility – which will change the way we live. In order to facilitate this growth, telecom providers are deploying robust and advanced network architecture to support high bandwidth requirements. However, while network expansion remains top of mind, it’s important not to overlook the imperatives associated with managing and maintaining a powerful, secure, and resilient fiber network.

Since joining the FiberLight team more than two decades ago, I have seen the full lifecycle of customers’ projects and deployments from a number of positions spanning from Operations Coordinator and Project Manager to VP of Operations and Service Delivery. In my current role as FiberLight’s Vice President of Service Delivery, I function as the go-between for our internal operations teams and our customers, overseeing all activities from engineering and construction to installation, testing, and turn-up. In my time at FiberLight, I have gained a deep understanding of what it means to develop and maintain a resilient fiber network with rapid service delivery. Based on this experience, here’s what I believe to be the three most critical factors to consider.

Service Delivery

Effective service delivery is based on how well an organization can provide a positive, memorable experience for its customers. This isn’t always easy, as even simple projects such as network upgrades can be met with multiple challenges. By ensuring we keep our customers informed during every step the delivery process, customers feel confident in FiberLight’s ability to carefully manage their projects from start to finish, and they are more likely to continue expanding services in the future.

It’s important to also remember that the network is the foundation upon which services are built and delivered. By establishing a highly reliable network from the start, service delivery teams are ensured individual customer circuits and solutions are more resilient and protected against unforeseen outages and other network incidents.


Preventative maintenance practices ensure our network can achieve maximum uptime, thus supporting reliable connectivity for customers. At FiberLight, we fortify our network beyond the physical layer, proactively monitoring dark and lit infrastructure health and performance with equipment and software with more robust capabilities than those used by other network operators. By taking a proactive approach, we are able to remedy disruptions more quickly and carefully isolate the issue to protect customer networks.

Outage Prevention and Protection

What makes FiberLight different is our commitment to getting customer networks back up and running following an unexpected outage. It’s impossible to predict what will happen to a network day to day, but our team is consistently monitoring the network and has been trained to quickly respond to these situations when necessary.

My history with FiberLight has been a fascinating journey; serving our customers and supporting our team has been extremely rewarding. As we head into this new era of next-gen technologies and applications, I’m very excited to see what the future has in store as FiberLight continues to maintain a robust and reliable network for our customers.

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