FiberLight Hires New Leader for Strategic Partners and Alliances Sales Channel

Monday, September 9, 2019

Jes Shiflet discusses his experience and FiberLight’s unique value in the channel 

FiberLight is pleased to welcome Jes Shiflet as Vice President, Strategic Partners and Alliances. We recently sat down with Jes to discuss his experience, the newly renamed channel program, and his outlook on FiberLight’s position in the industry.

FBL: You just joined the team as the new Vice President of Strategic Partners and Alliances. Tell us a bit about your background in the industry and what brought you to FiberLight?

Jes: Most recently, I spent a couple years with Digital Realty where I focused on the network sector business through direct and channel relationships. Those two years allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of the data center connectivity, ecosystems and hybrid cloud strategies. My experience at Digital as well as the 12 years I spent with XO Communications/Verizon inspired me to seek out a company focused on driving solutions for those ecosystems and connectivity requirements. FiberLight has a 20-year history of building high density and mission critical networks, and we are only in the beginning phase of the massive amounts of data driven by 5G, cloud computing, AI, etc.  It’s an exciting time to be part of FiberLight—the company has a leadership team with the willingness to be nimble and scrappy and build fiber to accommodate this growth.

FBL: Would you explain a bit more about FiberLight’s Strategic Partners and Alliances program? What are the benefits of being a Strategic or Alliance Partner and how does this differ or align with the traditional channel?

Jes: FiberLight understands how critical the traditional channel is and will continue support the success of their overall business. We continue to support the channel through the adaption and support of location-based resources like Connected2Fiber, MasterStream, and FiberLocator. We will continue to support our strategic partners and alliance relationships by having local presence in all our markets for joint sales calls, regional training events, and strategy sessions on how best to partner and drive business. FiberLight doesn’t intend to be everything to everybody—we are focused in the area of fiber construction, high bandwidth, dark fiber, and conduit services. With that said, we understand that, in some cases, these types of services require a more of strategic a focus: metro diversity, building entrances, types of dark fiber services (IRU, lease, managed, etc), so we have aligned our organization to support our partners with a dedicated Sales Engineer, Solution Architect, and customer relationship manager.

FBL: What does FiberLight uniquely bring to the channel partner industry?

Jes: In a world where customers need access to data and information that’s no longer contained in in their office on-site, the type of fiber infrastructure selected to access that data is mission critical.  FiberLight uniquely offers the critical network components to support the infrastructure required to truly enable a customer’s digital transformation strategy:

  • Density
    • High-count fiber and strands in the ground—lit or dark
    • Up to 1728-count strands in key metros and routes
    • Connected to 120+ data centers
    • Key metro market overbuilds completed to expand density
  • Diversity
    • Existing network is completely diverse from ILEC and MSO routes
    • Ability to construct direct, custom-built paths
    • Diverse entrances into building
    • Multiple diverse backbone paths to data centers
  • Depth
    • Nearly 90 percent of our fiber is 3.5’ underground vs just under the surface or aerial like ILEC or MSO providers
    • Increases security and reliability of customer’s network

FBL: What is on the horizon for FiberLight? 

Jes: We’re excited to launch our first SPIFF for 2019 running now through end of the year. For any new dark fiber or lit service logo, subagents will earn $1,000 or $500 based on closed-won status in salesforce (signed and approved deal). See our SPIFF program flyer for more information.

FiberLight is also continuing to grow organically through new fiber construction. We’re in the process of adding approximately 500 miles of new network in the Texas Valley and Hill Country. The network expansion we’re seeing from the growth of hyperscaler and mobile network operator networks adds density to our already well-covered Texas network and creates even more on- and near-net availability for our partners.

FBL: What is the best way for someone to get in touch if they’re interested in the Strategic Partners and Alliances program or other services from FiberLight?

Jes: Please reach out to your Channel Manager as we are proud to be geographically aligned to support the Channel. Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as well—I am always open to conversation.

We also have many tools to support our partners including our cloud savings calculator that can help demonstrate the impact of cloud egress savings when your customers switch from a public to private connection to their public cloud. Check out the cloud savings calculator now.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the field!

Jes Shiflet, VP Strategic Partners and Alliances

Jes Shiflet
VP, Strategic Partners and Alliances

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