FiberLight Prepares for Hurricane Laura

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

As our customers in the Texas and Louisiana area prepare for Hurricane Laura safely, we want to take this opportunity to reassure the market that we are on the job. Here are measures we have taken to protect our network and your business.

FiberLight is actively tracking the path of Hurricane Laura and monitoring its pathway as it prepares to make landfall in Texas and Louisiana Wednesday evening. As Hurricane Laura strengthens, it has the potential for damaging winds, dangerous rainfall and flash flooding. FiberLight is actively tracking the path and will continue monitoring the storm as it progresses. Our emergency response plan has been initiated and our Field Operations teams have been engaged from technician to Vice President. Additional field resources have been placed on standby and spare equipment has been staged.

Areas of concern will be down trees and power lines on our aerial infrastructure along with local power outages. Flash flooding due to heavy rainfall may also be a challenge.

While you focus on keeping your home and families safe, rest assured we are focused on keeping the lines of communications across our network accessible and reliable to continue to ensure your safety.

In addition to the actions above, FiberLight has taken the following preparedness steps:

  1. Checked local data centers and ensured they have sufficient fuel to deal with any power outages
    FEMA and other experts advise individuals to check vehicle fuel gauges to ensure tanks are topped up. This step reduces risk, providing the capability to respond to the urgencies that may arise during a storm of this intensity. In the same manner, fuel for secondary power sources like backup generators needs to be topped up. Data centers routinely check generator fuel levels to ensure 100 percent uptime in the event of prolonged power outages. FiberLight has rechecked all of our backup systems this week including our fuel stores, as part of our preparedness checklist for Hurricane Laura.
  2. Tested all generators in our data centers in potentially affected areas
    Our staff has checked every aspect of our generator functionality this week, including automated switchover capabilities and allowed them to run to clean out fuel lines.
  3. Placed technicians and contractors on standby for dispatch as needed
    Our seasoned field technicians and local contractors know the local terrain and understand the urgencies of uptime for the success of our clients and their customers and businesses. We are ready 24/7, whether in Hurricane Laura or as other issues arise, to respond to the needs that may occur.
  4. Confirmed splice crews are ready to dispatch as needed
    Our splice crews are the laser surgeons of fiber optics. They work precisely to ensure the optimal performance of our network and will handle needed repairs arising from Hurricane Laura as quickly as possible. We have also provided satellite phones to the field OPS to keep the line of communications open with the NOC in case cell services are down.

Ongoing status 

8.27.20 Update:

Hurricane Laura was a catastrophic storm, impacting major areas around Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, a key area of our network.  FiberLight’s network endured the storm with only minimal impairment related to power issues. Our commitment to service and to the community remains steadfast. In order to prepare, FiberLight’s NOC and Operations team worked for days prior to Laura’s landfall staging generators, spare network equipment and outside plant materials in preparation for any damage.  Our crews are currently deploying generators as conditions allow for the safe performance of that work.

“It’s tough to see the devastation caused by this storm. Our sympathies are with all those impacted.  Our team stands ready to assist our customers and neighbors any way we can.  As conditions allow for safe travel, our employees and contract partners will be surveying all our facilities to find and repair any non-service affecting damage.” said Mike Lamb, Director of Operations for South Texas.

Any customers that are experiencing impairments are encouraged to contact our NOC by phone 800-672-0181 or email Please have your circuit ID on hand to save time.

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