Career Adventures of a Recovering Attorney & Why Adaptability is the Key to Legal Innovation

Thursday, May 24, 2018

By Brandy Noelle Hughes, Marketing & Communications Manager

My journey into marketing management has been a scenic one. As an undergraduate, I changed my major twice before deciding I did not, in fact, want to be an FBI criminal profiler (no matter how much I loved the NBC show Profiler). I focused on criminal justice in law school, but there was limited budget to hire attorneys in my chosen field when I graduated. So I changed paths again, taking a role as a jack-of-all-trades in-house corporate attorney. I served in this capacity for several years before transitioning into my current position as a department manager and marketing generalist.

As FiberLight, LLC’s Marketing and Communications Manager, I have witnessed and contributed to multiple waves of change, both internally and externally, regarding the positioning of our solutions in the marketplace. These changes are ongoing and include the impending rollout of our new brand and website in the coming weeks. I am proud my career path to date has been defined by adaptability, a skill I cultivated while training to become an attorney.

I still engage with the legal community in my area – both casually as I socialize with many of my friends who are practicing attorneys and more deliberately by attending and volunteering with local legal organizations. Through my work with FiberLight I stay abreast of emerging business technologies and networking trends; I am also always eager to hear the new tools and techniques my friends and colleagues at various law firms are using and exploring. I haven’t been surprised to discover law firms of all sizes are pressured to solve technology challenges unique to their business models.

Like many other companies, law firms are driven by the same essential principles of business – increasing efficiency, reducing operating costs, developing revenue, and ensuring both in-house and client data is adequately protected. Additionally, law firms face unique industry-specific needs like ample data storage, redundant backup solutions, and client record access. As discovery is becoming increasingly electronic and clients expect 24/7 access to records, invoices, case updates, and work product, bandwidth needs are increasing exponentially. Security is another strategic business investment for law firms, as even domestic offices are implementing additional data security procedures to ensure compliance with recent GDPR changes to ensure they will be able to pursue business opportunities with European Union countries both today and in the future.

External pressures aside, law firms are experimenting with exciting technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to advance their position in the industry. From automated document review, contract analysis, and litigation outcome prediction to deploying Blockchain for contract verification and added security on sensitive projects, there are a multitude of ways in which law firms looking to new technologies developed to fit their specific usage needs. Lastly, cloud-based collaboration applications including Google+, Dropbox, Clio, LexisNexis’s InterAction, and a whole host of others are becoming commonplace as they empower Managing Partners, practice leaders, associates, and support staff to contribute to cases and projects in real time and provide regular updates to their clients.

With so many demands and tools competing for attention and resources, legal technologists must also be adaptable. Law technology initiatives are most likely to succeed when they leverage a purpose-built, high bandwidth network custom designed to handle firm specific needs.  From moving large files for on-demand multi-office connectivity to transporting sensitive client data into strategic data centers, FiberLight offers a range of networking capabilities to both address both day-to-day business pressures and empower future empower innovative technology-based service solutions. Email to discuss how we can address your unique networking options.

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