Managed Wavelengths

Why not optimize your fiber investment 32 times over? FiberLight’s Managed Wavelength services connect data centers with customer sites using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, allowing you to send large amounts of data in a cost-efficient manner.  With DWDM you can transparently support TDM as well as GigE and similar other data formats.  Leverage our dense metro fiber networks to quickly meet demand for capacity on point-to-point links and on spans of existing SONET/SDH rings. 


Which fiberlight managed wavelength services are right for your organization?

Managed Wavelength Ring Service - FiberLight’s multi-service Managed Wavelength Ring Service provides high-volume optical transport using DWDM technology in a dedicated ring configuration. Our Managed Wavelength Ring Service offerings provide multiple interface options to meet your native data transport needs.

Protected Wavelength Service (PWS) - FiberLight’s Managed Protected Wavelength Service is a fully managed, custom solution for interconnecting your locations or chosen data centers over an exceedingly reliable and secure metropolitan area network (MAN) environment.  Our offerings can be designed over DWDM or SONET based technology.


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Features and Benefits:

  • Value-Driven – Combining multiple connections onto a single fiber reduces your communication spend.
  • Flexibility – Our 24/7 provisioning allows you to adjust service bandwidth options to meet your growing needs.
  • Scalability – Connect our Managed Wavelength services with your existing technologies or combine with our other services for seamless connectivity.

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