Project Connecting Rural Texas (News Channel 10 KFDA Amarillo)


Amarillo, TX - Farmers and ranchers in our area could see many benefits from a project currently underway.

A company out of Georgia called FiberLight is working to bring connectivity for cell tower dead spots in rural areas across the Texas panhandle.

FiberLight has completed about three-quarters of a planned eight thousand mile network that will link nearly one thousand cell towers statewide, including around 300 in the Texas panhandle.

Dede Jones with Texas AgriLife Extension Service says this could be a major advancement for farmers in our area. "There are so many great tools out there that are being under utilized because we just don't have the services to support them. There are some great aps out there. Some are stand alone but a lot of them require some sort of internet service to utilize them fully. So if farmers were able to get better service in some of those rural areas, you know especially in those fields, then that would be great" said Jones.

We spoke with the president of the FiberLight Texas operations, Ron Kormos, who says this project is already underway and should take a few years to complete. "What we will do for the next, one to two, to several years is continue to connect those towers to highways or other towers to midsize businesses that also need bandwidth" said Kormos.

Texas AgriLife extension service says technology advances will allow farmers to work more efficiently."Any time that they can become better operators will be beneficial to the consumer because they would be able to deliver a better product more efficiently" said Jones.

Aside from improving the areas that you get cell service, FiberLight is also expected to reduce times of sending and receiving data.

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